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International project

Train station Dresden

Project: Cost of non-completion of the TEN-T

Client: European Commission DG MOVE, Brussels
Duration: 10/2014 - 06/2015
Partner: Fraunhofer ISI/M-Five (lead), PTV, Infras

The EU Commission in collaboration with the European Parliament and the Member States has defined a Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). Until 2030 the so called core network shall be implemented. This network consists of nine long distance traffic corridors with high importance for the European transport system. This core network is part of the European reference scenario. In this study the economic impact of an absent implementation of the European core network to the EU and its Member States has been examined. Building on the results of the nine so called corridor studies of 2014 the modifications of accessibility, cost and investment in case TEN-T network would not be implemented by 2030 has been estimated.

These adapted infrastructure scenarios then have been examined in a model based analysis applying the ASTRA model. Substantial macroeconomic losses because of an absent realization of the core network have been identified thereby. Especially the realization of cross-border projects connected with the core network and innovative technologies did exhibit highly positive inputs to the macroeconomic development. Staff of M-Five did coordinate the project. Dr. Wolfgang Schade presented the results of the study at the TEN-T days 2015 in Riga to experts and the press.

The project is completed and the final report might be downloaded here.

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