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International project

Train station Dresden

Project: TRIMODE - Transport Integrated Model of Europe

Client: European Commission DG RTD/MOVE, Brussels
Duration: 12/2015 – 1/12019
Partner: TRT (Lead), PTV Group, E3MLab, M-Five, Bauhaus Luftfahrt, MDS

The TRIMODE Consortium is developing an integrated transport model for passenger and goods transport in Europe. Core of the TRIMODE model will be a network and assignment model considering all modes in Europe as well as their interconnection with intercontinental transport. Spatial disaggregation is at NUTS-III level. An economic model of each European country as well as of other world regions will be coupled with the transport model. Vintage models of vehicle fleets will enable to describe the diffusion of new technologies as well as the estimation of transport energy demand and emissions.

The TRIMODE model should be applied for future policy assessment at the European level e.g. at the level of the TEN-T core network corridors or to understand the process of decarbonisation of European transport.

M-Five is contributing to the modeling of passenger and goods transport. We are responsible for the supervision of the economic modeling and to ensure the policy relevance of the TRIMODE model.

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