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International project

Project: Logistics in the TEN-T Corridors

Client: European Parliament, TRAN-Committee, Brussels
Duration: 01/2016 - 03/2016
Partner: M-Five

Fully-fledged logistics services play an important role for the success of railways and inland waterways as part of European transport chains. Therefore interoperability of railways and inter-modality between modes enabled by multi-modal terminals are a very important issue along the corridors of the TEN-T core network. Our brief study discusses the status of logistics and how to achieve a better performing multi-modal transport system on the TEN-T core network making use of existing policy instruments but also improving them.

The resulting policy note on Logistics in the TEN-T Corridors provides an overview on logistics in the EU, its economic importance and its relevance for achieving the objectives of the White Paper on transport policy. It discusses the contributions of the nine core network corridors (CNC) of the Trans European Transport Networks (TEN-T) to foster intelligence of infrastructure, modal integration, interoperability and connectivity. A review is given on the interplay between the development of the CNC and the development of logistics. Furthermore, some comments are added on the appropriateness of key performance indicators (KPI) as described in the CNC studies, the effectiveness of co-funding through CEF, ERDF and EFSI and the consultation with the stakeholders of the logistic sector. In addition, a comprehensive summary of relevant documents is given.

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