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International project

Transport Market Study: Quantification of modal shift potential on the Rail Freight Corridor Rhine-Alpine

Client: RFC Rhine-Alpine - European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG), Frankfurt/Main
Duration: 06/2017 - 01/2019
Partner: TRT Trasporti e Territorio (Lead), TML Transport & Mobility Leuven, SSP CONSULT, Lucchini-Mariotta e Associati SA, M-Five

This study investigated the market potential for rail freight transport along the Rhine Alpine Rail Freight Corridor (RALP-RFC). The focus of the study was to identify how the rail freight market share along the corridor could be increased by exploring possible enhancements of rail services in terms of heavier, faster and more reliable trains along the RALP-RFC.

Focussing on measures under the direct influence of the infrastructure manager (IM), the following three strategies were selected for detailed analysis, given that the highest growth was expected from them:

  • heavier trains:ideal train weight for 740m-long trains
  • faster trains:reduction of number of stops
  • more reliable trains:improved punctuality and information on delayed trains
The study estimated the current rail freight demand on the RALP-RFC, as well as the demand pertaining to the same catchment areas currently satisfied by other modes (road and inland waterway).

In order to quantify the modal shift potential, cost factors concerning the three chosen improvement measures were evaluated via expert interviews.

A stated preference survey gathered the market reaction on certain service enhancements by deriving the market responsiveness relating to both price and time variations. From the resulting market response, the cost savings potential for the railway undertakings was derived. This potential in turn constituted the basis for the evaluation of the modal shift potential.

Finally, the consortium formulated qualitative recommendations for the enhancement of rail freight on the corridor. M-Five was involved in the market analysis and the survey in relation to German and French speaking stakeholders.

The final summary report of the Transport Market Study is published

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