New seamless multi-modal mobility concepts (Fifth Mode) and the deepening integration of mobility-, energy- and IT-industries foster opportunities for new business models in mobility. One example is the growing number and variety of car-sharing services. In several cities we can observe the competition and co-existence of station-based systems with free-floating and peer-to-peer private systems. Successful systems seem to emerge when car-sharing and other mobility stakeholders engage in a high level of cooperation. Apart from car-sharing potential further stakeholders include public transport, IT-companies, fleet management services and parking management services. M-Five is supporting our clients to develop and test new business models, to search and engage with new business partners to cooperate with and to extend their mobility business by identifying potentials for business aquisitions. Our sound sector know-how and our broad network of stakeholders together with our capabilities for business model development make M-Five a competent partner when you are intending to develop new businesses in the mobility sector.