Online Surveys

Online surveys enable the implementation of extensive surveys on a wide variety of questions to the business community, politicians or the general public. These survey groups can be reached quickly and reliably online.

For this purpose, M-Five uses established and data protection-compliant web tools to conduct target group-specific surveys. These cover the entire process from structuring the questions and response options, identifying and requesting participants, as well as test runs, to statistical and qualitative evaluation.

In addition to individual assessments, opinions or values of the respondents, we also ask for socio-economic parameters in order to classify the answers in social environments, such as the working and business environment. In doing so, we compare different characteristics, such as the size of the company or the company’s objective, by comparing the answers, e.g. in cross-tables. We adapt the questionnaires closely to the research interest, since an intensive research of the research field and its actors precedes it. If necessary, project partners are consulted to ensure that the questions are precisely geared to the respective subjects.

The evaluation of the collected data is carried out according to the standards of good scientific practice with special consideration of data protection.