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Impact assessment support study on amendment of the combined transport directive

Authors (M-Five):
Rafael Oehme, Prof. Dr. Werner Rothengatter, Marcel Streif
Other authors:
Sofia Amaral, Ella Andrew, Matthew Collings, Hannah Figg, Marta GalanteDeCal, Marco Gatto, Andres Kilstein, Rui Neiva, Enrico Pastori, Ian Skinner, Achilleas Tsamis, Bart Wiegmans

The revision of the Combined Transport Directive is being sought as part of the European Green Deal. The aim is to increase the share of rail freight transport, short sea shipping and inland shipping in total freight transport and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the reduction targets, by making combined transport more attractive. In addition, the external costs caused by congestion and traffic accidents, for example, are to be reduced. M-Five was entrusted with analysing the possible policy options in the impact assessment.